Carved, Cast, Crushed, Constructed

March 8, 2014—October 18, 2014

The Hudson Review

Arts Review: At the Galleries, By Karen Wilkin

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A few blocks away, at FreedmanArt, “Carved, Cast, Crushed, Constructed” included an equally impressive group of intimately scaled sculptures by artists ranging from Joseph Cornell and David Smith to Lee Bontecou and Frank Stella, plus one “abstract” antique artifact, all assembled, like much of the Mnuchin exhibition, from private collections.


Carved, Cast, Crushed, Constructed

Saturday, March 8, 2014

FreedmanArt is pleased to present Carved, Cast, Crushed, Constructed, an exhibition of a diverse group of artists seen through the lens of the many distinctive methods in the making of sculpture, from David Smith’s 1943 marble Sewing Machine to Frank Stella’s 2011 mixed media construction.

This exhibition highlights a choice selection of three-dimentional work, by approximately fifteen artists, whose sculpture can be further appreciated by the use of their inventive, creative techniques and materials.

The works on exhibition, with several significant loans, include Alexander Calder’s 1948 Samba Rattle; to the age old lost wax process of Nancy Graves’ poly-chromed sculpture; and to that of John Chamberlain’s 1991 crushed and colored metal forms.