Art in the Making

Opening Reception:

October 30, 2014, 6:00-8:30pm

FreedmanArt is pleased to present "Art in the Making;" an exhibition honoring art, the history of whose making is part of its meaning, with over twenty artists included.   In a time of constant change and advances in the methods of “making,” this exhibition hopes to provide a lens into time-honored art institutions, as triggered by the overlapping of the 50th anniversary of the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture, and the 140th anniversary of The Art Students League of New York. This brings us to appreciate original and early approaches to teaching, learning, and making; as relevant today as in decades and centuries gone by.   "Art in the Making" includes works of art by many of the most well recognized painters, who have studied or taught at these long-standing teaching institutions. The artist alumni included in our exhibition are: MILTON AVERY, THOMAS HART BENTON, LEE BONTECOU, HELEN FRANKENTHALER, STEPHEN GREENE, PHILIP GUSTON, HANS HOFFMAN, FRANZ KLINE, ALFRED LESLIE, JACKSON POLLOCK, CHARLES POLLOCK, DAVID SMITH, and others. For those artists who continue to actively make art and as well commit to the teaching of it, we are pleased to include works by BILL JENSEN, KNOX MARTIN, GRAHAM NICKSON, LARRY POONS, WILLIAM SCHARF, and KIT WHITE.